What We Value the Most…

Your Trust


What we value most…

Your Trust

Protecting Your Data

Our priority is protecting your data – and of course – your customer data fully. Period.

Collect the Data

We collect no (nor use) personally identifiable information.

End-to-End Data Encryption

Our platform offers end-to-end data encryption with strictly controlled access controls.

We Impact your Plants in Weeks…

Your portfolio…hundreds of thousands of moving parts…in so many locations. Your intelligence makes it thrive. We help give you better return on assets while making it easier to monitor your portfolio…

Slide DEMO – 1 Hour A very productive Hour

check_box How are your plants currently managed?
check_box Successes. And where things could be better?
1 Day 
check_box Tell us about your plants.
check_box Easy to follow checklist.
Slide Plant Audit – 3 Days Proprietary Digital Twin AI identifies issues, to help your plant.

check_box Long Term Degradation
check_box Shading, Soiling Losses
check_boxProblematic Strings
check_box Worst Performing Inverters
Slide Proof-of-Concept (Pilot) –
1-6 Months
check_box Try out our complete platform for a month. In RealTime. 
Slide Production Deployment –
4 Weeks for 1GW Onboarding
check_boxMonitoring, Revenue Prioritized Tickets, Predictive Tickets in RealTime
check_box AI integrates and scales well with current technical capabilities
check_box Customized API for seamless Dashboard and Out-of-Box Reporting
check_box Strict Testing, Dev Ops, Auditing & Security Protocols
Slide Further Intelligent Improvement –
Where the Magic Happens
check_box Our Machine Learning never quits, just keeps learning your plant better.
check_box Finance Dashboard gives a clear picture of how losses have come down.
check_box Integrate your Storage portfolio (soon Wind too)

Improve plant health transparently, robustly & holistically for the next 30 years!

Partner with us

Looks holistically from your whole Portfolio, down to every Device with Sensors

Our Story

Led by founders Sharat Singh & Dr. Hugh Hind, who bring decades of knowledge building AI into enterprise grade solutions – at Microsoft, Blackberry and Adobe, along with multiple successful innovative startups and scale-ups, we are a CleanTech startup with lots of experience.

Our Advisors